Resistance Bands and Yoga Bands

Resistance Bands / Exercise Bands for Light to Heavy Workouts

The Powertrain Australia 5 piece resistance power band set is an ideal addition for your home gym equipment. Ideal for warmups and strength training and a great idea if you plan to travel and want to keep fit, easily fitting into your luggage.

Benefits of resistance bands

Resistance bands are a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to get fitter with minimal exercise equipment. One set of resistance bands can deliver an effective full-body workout with the added benefit of it being lightweight and compact. Most sets come with a variety of bands ranging from light (2 to 5kg) all the way to extra-heavy (30 to 50kg) so you can find the right resistance level for your fitness ability.

What can I use resistance bands for? User Guide

A resistance band are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you can own. You can use them for:

  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Glute and ab toning
  • Cool-down stretching
  • Balance and stability training
  • Cardio and HIIT workouts

Resistance Exercise Band Workout Guide

The versatility of resistance bands means that you can easily incorporate them into your existing workout routine. You can target specific muscles or intensify a compound exercise with a mini or regular band. There are also unlooped bands perfect for yoga and deep stretching.

Check out our video below for a quick ab-toning workout with standard resistance bands.

4 Easy Resistance Band Workouts by personal trainer fitness coach Luke

Resistance bands for light to heavy workouts

The Powertrain 5-piece resistance band set includes everything you need for an effective at-home workout. With 5 resistance levels to suit a range of users, this set is great for warmups, yoga, strength training and so much more. Keep a set around for daily workouts or easily fit into your luggage for on-the-go training.

Latex Yoga Bands

The ideal warmup and stretching accessory for any yoga or pilates routine. Our Powertrain yoga bands are soft, strong and highly flexible! These flat bands are available in a range of colours in 1.2 meter and 1.5-meter lengths.

Mini Bands and loops

Work out anywhere, any time. Powertrain mini bands provide light to medium resistance perfect for targeting any muscle group, including your arms and glutes. Choose from a variety of fun colours and stretch your way to fitness.