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Weights and Home Gym Equipment

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Boost your fitness with strength training equipment

Looking to start strength training at home? This type of workout involves the use of resistance — such as dumbbells or your own body’s weight — to tone your muscles and build overall strength. It’s also called resistance training and weight training.

Both strength and aerobic training (aka cardio) are recommended as part of a well-rounded exercise program. For adults, strength workouts are recommended at least 2 days a week. If you’re new to resistance training or fitness in general, here are some things you’ll want to know before picking up your first dumbbell.

Can I do strength training at home?

You don’t have to join a gym to reap the benefits of resistance training. There are plenty of free apps and workout videos you can use to kickstart your routine. However, make sure that you start with a simple routine with weights that are not too light or too heavy. (This can vary per exercise.) Using the right weights, on top of learning proper form, will help prevent injury and speed up your progress.

What are the benefits of strength training?

Everyone can benefit from strength training, not just bodybuilders or fitness buffs. With consistent workouts and good nutrition, you can expect to see these weight training benefits:

  • Muscle strength. Strong muscles lead to higher stamina, which means you won’t tire as easily. You’ll have more energy throughout the day to sustain your activities.
  • Injury prevention. Weight training helps improve your balance, coordination and strength. It also aids in reducing back pain and posture-related discomfort.
  • Weight management. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, don’t dismiss resistance training. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories throughout the day. Building muscle mass is also one way to gain weight healthily.
  • Improved mood and confidence. As you progress in your strength training, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and your confidence will grow.

What equipment do I need to start strength training at home?

The good thing about strength training is that you don’t need plenty of equipment to get started. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a machine or even your own bodyweight to build muscle strength. If you’re an absolute beginner, a pair of adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands will suffice, as well as a yoga mat for floor-based workouts. However, you might want to invest in additional pieces of equipment as you progress.

What types of strength training can I do at home?

  • Bodyweight training - This involves using your own bodyweight to build strength and tone your muscles. Popular bodyweight exercises include push ups, squats, lunges, mountain climbers and planks. When doing bodyweight training, take time to check if your form is correct and if there are exercise variations more suited to you. If the bodyweight exercises don’t challenge you enough, it might be time to add weights into your workout plan.
  • Free weights - Free weights such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells can be moved in any direction, making them highly versatile and efficient. They are also handy if you have limited space in your home gym. Use a weight that is not too heavy and not too light. Hold the weight and do 6–8 repetitions of your chosen exercise. If it’s too easy, go with a heavier weight for your next set; if you can only do 5 or less, go lighter.
  • Machine weights - Often seen in commercial gyms, machine weights let you perform specific exercises safely and more efficiently. You can save space by getting a multi-station home gym, which combines several machines in one. Just like with free weights, make sure to find a resistance level that challenges your muscles. Most home gyms are plate-loaded or pin-loaded, so you can easily find the right resistance for each exercise.

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