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Looking to stay fit at home? A treadmill can be a great investment for you and your family. There’s an array of options to suit all exercisers, from parents and seniors to pro runners alike. By determining your budget and requirements ahead of time, you can find the treadmill that’s best suited for you at a fraction of a commercial machine’s cost, here’s what you need to consider when comparing home treadmills.
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What to look for when buying a Powertrain treadmill

The auto-incline feature

Incline on a treadmill makes your legs work harder as the front of the running belt becomes higher than the rear. This gives the effect of walking or running up a hill. A treadmill with manual incline lets you manually adjust the incline angle to 3 or 4 pre-set levels. A treadmill with "auto-incline" has an electric motor which increases and decreases the angle of the running platform. This can be done while you are training using the control panel to select a level of incline with the touch of a button. Auto-Incline treadmills also train you with pre-set programs which vary the speed and incline automatically over the course of the program!

Walking area belt size

If you’re a runner or you like having plenty of room to exercise on, you might want to go with longer and wider treadmill. A spacious machine will let you exercise comfortably without having to shorten your stride. If space is a concern, don’t fret - there are plenty of high-quality, foldable treadmills that will suit your needs without taking up your entire workout space.

Maximum speed

Do you prefer to walk, jog or run? Depending on your fitness ability, you might want to go with a machine that can go faster than your average pace. This ensures that you won’t “outpace” your treadmill and have to upgrade it in just a few years.

Additional treadmill features

Features such as tablet holders, entertainment ports and interval training buttons can make the difference between a regular treadmill and one that you’ll use all the time. Determine which features you want and which ones are simply nice to have.

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