Yoga & Dance

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Get moving and shaking with Powertrain’s range of yoga and dance equipment. From yoga mats, dance poles and balance balls to resistance bands and more, our high-quality accessories will help you reach your fitness goals.
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High-quality yoga mats for a smoother practice

A true home gym essential, Powertrain yoga mats allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises on a supportive, non-slip surface. Choose from our 6mm and 8mm TPE mats in an array of colours, or pick a cork mat for added grip and stability.

Lightweight and versatile pilates rings

Best for stretching and core strengthening, Powertrain pilates rings are an excellent addition to any bodyweight routine. They can provide support or add challenge to a movement, making them ideal for functional training. Pick one up today and start your home pilates routine!

Build stability with balance discs

Balance training is essential to our muscular health, but it’s often overlooked in favour of strength exercises. Fortunately, improving your balance has never been easier with Powertrain stability discs and balls. Use them for leg raises and squats or as supports in push-ups, bridges and planks — the list goes on!

Get stronger and fitter with resistance bands

No space for bulky gym equipment? Stay fit at home with a set of Powertrain resistance bands. We carry standard exercise bands, yoga bands and mini bands to suit all your fitness needs. Browse our resistance bands Australia-wide and get fast delivery to your doorstep.

Train at home with a portable dance pole

Designed for both beginners and professional dancers, the Powertrain portable dance pole lets you practice even the most advanced moves at home. With no permanent installation required, it’s the perfect piece of equipment for performers on the go.