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Working out at home

If you’re new to working out at home, or you’re adding resistance to a bodyweight routine, it’s essential to find high-quality, durable weights that you can use safely and effectively. Here at Powertrain, we carry a wide selection of standard and adjustable dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells for all your strength training needs. Shop our free weights today and enjoy fast shipping straight to your doorstep!

Improved fitness and strength

Having strong muscles makes it easier to perform everyday tasks, such as climbing stairs, playing sports or even lifting groceries. Strength training also helps counteract muscle loss that naturally happens as we age.

Better balance and coordination

Strength training has wonderful benefits for balance, posture and coordination. Some lower body exercises, such as lunges and weighted step-ups, actively challenge your balance, but you also want a strong core to prevent back pain and correct your posture.

Easy to use at home

Most free weights are simple and compact, making them ideal for at-home use. Even better, you don’t need a full dumbbell rack — all you need is a few pieces of equipment to start working out. Weight sets are especially handy for beginners learning the ins and outs.

How often should I do strength training?

You should aim to do strength training at least twice or thrice a week as part of a bigger workout routine. This gives your muscles enough time to recover in between each session. While taking a rest day (or two) may seem counterintuitive, you want to take it easy for a while and give your muscles the chance to rebuild and grow back stronger.

You can still keep active on your rest day by taking a walk, going for a swim or working a different muscle group. Try your best to include both strength and cardio workouts in your weekly workout routine.

Will strength training make me bulky?

If you’re a woman concerned about being bulky, good news! You can reap the benefits of strength training without looking too big or muscly. Bodybuilders get their physique by bulking up their diet and training routine — so the average woman who trains a few times a week can expect different results. On top of that, strength training builds muscle and helps burn fat, leading to a tighter and more toned appearance all around.

Want to build a complete home gym that doesn’t take up too much space? Don’t forget to check out our weight benches and yoga mats in addition to your new free weights.

Adjustable dumbbells or free-weights?

To help you find out more have put together a helpful guide for buying dumbbells. See our Adjustable Dumbbell Workouts for Beginners and Discover the Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells pages in our fitness blog to see more information about using your dumbbells.