• Powertrain Water Resistance Rowing Machine Rower

    $ 595
  • Powertrain Air Rowing Machine with App Connectivity

    $ 699
  • Powertrain Foldable Rowing Machine Magnetic Resistance RW-H02 - Red

    $ 489
  • Powertrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine - Black

    $ 449
  • Powertrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine - Silver

    $ 449
  • Powertrain 1.5m Exercise Equipment Mat

    $ 39
  • Powertrain 2m Exercise Equipment Mat

    $ 59

What are the benefits of buying a rowing machine?

A rowing machine, also called a ‘rower,’ is a piece of indoor exercise equipment that simulates rowing on a boat. This motion activates all the major muscle groups, from the back and core to the legs, glutes and arms.

Work your arms and legs

While most cardio activities target either the upper or lower body, rowing is unique because it requires you to work your arms and legs at the same time. This results in a highly effective full-body workout.

Rowers are not just for cardio

Rowing machines can also help you improve your muscular strength. The machine provides resistance through its cable pulley system while also requiring you to push your bodyweight with your legs. Some models also come with adjustable resistance, so you can boost the intensity of your workout as you progress in your routine.

Row for strength or Stamina

Finally, rowing is completely adaptable - you can turn up the intensity for calorie burn or slow down and focus on improving your strength and form. When you invest in a rowing machine, you can feel confident that you’ll be getting a safe, effective and full-body workout - all in one compact piece of home gym equipment!

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Whether you’re looking to start a home fitness routine or add a new cardio machine to your home gym, find the best rowers for your budget and goals here at Powertrain Sports.

Reasons to consider a rowing machine

If you are thinking about adding a rowing machine to your home gym, check out our blog post on why you should get a rowing machine to see some of the benefits to consider.

It is important to keep children away from exercise equipment while in use

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