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Buying a pump for your inflatable Air Track tumble mats, blocks, spots, and barrels

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Air-Track Inflation guide

Always check the pressure before each use if you store your product while inflated. The optimal pressure in your air track all depends on its intended use and the thickness of your Air Track (all our air tracks are 20cm thick).

The highest pressure will give you the response of a professional training floor which is great for competition training. A medium to high pressure is ideal for mid to low level training giving you better bounce which is ideal for refining your skill set and learning new skills. Low pressure can be a little more fun, ideal for recreational use.

Be careful not to under deflate your air track when in use as this can cause you to 'bottom-out' and hit the lower floor. Our electric air pumps won't let you over-inflate your air track, they will simply pump to the highest recommended level which safeguards your air track from damage. In some circumstances such as leaving your fully inflated air track in the sun on a hot day, the pressure in the air track will increase due to the excessive heat. This should be avoided as it can damage the product over time.

If you are using your air track outside it is not unusual to need to adjust the pressure several times as the product heats up or cools down. We recommend not storing your air track fully inflated. At least partially or fully deflate your airtrack when not in use, this also ensure the longest life from your air track.

See our guide to inflating your air track in our blog.

20cm Air Track Inflation pressure:
Minimum: 40 mbar
Medium: 60-80 mbar
Maximum: 100-150 mbar
Air Track inflation

Inflating your Air track tumble mats, blocks, spots, and barrels

Our Air tracks all include the industry standard "SUP" (aka iSUP) valve connection for inflatable equipment so your existing electric pump or manual pump will connect, however we also sell both manual pumps and electric pumps. We recommend using an electric pump for all Airtracks 3m in size or larger, with the air spots and air blocks (1m) being easily inflated using the foot pump which is supplied with those units as standard.

Our electric pump includes suction mode so you very quickly deflate your air track perfectly in no time at all, ready for rolling up and storage! Contact us by email, phone, or live chat if you have any questions!