Cardio Equipment

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High-performance cardio machines for all fitness seekers

Whether you prefer running, cycling or a different aerobic workout, cardio is a fantastic way to get fit, stay active and burn extra calories. But when life gets too busy, it can be hard to make time for sports or outdoor activities. Investing in a quality cardio machine, such as a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine, helps ensure that you don’t fall behind on your fitness. It also lets you work out at any time of day or in any weather condition - so you can get those mood-boosting endorphins even when it’s freezing out! See the benefits of Low-Impact Cardio Workouts in our fitness blog.

How do I choose a cardio machine?

When it comes to home gym cardio machines, you’re not just limited to standard treadmills and exercise bikes. There are plenty of options to suit all exercisers, including those looking for a low-impact way to exercise. Check out all your options below:


The best treadmill is one that you will regularly use. Go with a well-built machine that suits your budget, fitness level and available space at home. This can mean an entry-level treadmill or a premium machine with shock absorbers, auto incline and a wide running belt. Browse our treadmills for sale to see the variety of options available.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Ellipticals are a fantastic option if you want the benefits of cardio minus the impact on your joints. This machine offers a gliding motion that works both the arms and legs for full-body toning. Some cross-trainers can be used as exercise bikes — a great way to switch up your workouts.

Exercise Bikes and Air Bikes

If you’re already a cyclist or you prefer a seated yet effective workout, you can’t go wrong with an exercise bike. This cardio machine offers a lower-impact burn compared to a treadmill and will tone your glutes, calves and thighs. Want to squeeze in a workout during your workday? Place a mini bike under your desk and pedal away!

Rowing Machines

For full-body strength and conditioning, consider the rowing machine your best friend. This cardio and strength machine works your arms, core and legs by mimicking the rowing motion you would do on a boat. It’s low-impact too, so you can amp up the intensity with less worry about injuries.

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