6 Awesome Benefits of Running for Your Mind and Body

Written by Powertrain Sports,  28th July 2022
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Running offers endless benefits for both your mind and body. Here are 6 awesome reasons to lace up your running shoes today!

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise that’s good for both your body and mind. It is a versatile activity that you can do at your own pace, making it an ideal workout for beginners.

Even a quick 10-minute run every day can offer you a wide variety of health benefits! Running is an easy, relatively inexpensive exercise that’s known to be great for your heart health and boosting your mood.

If you’re still not convinced, these incredible benefits of running might just encourage you to start running sooner than later!

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A running routine will benefit not only your body but also your mind (and wallet)!

6 Impressive Ways In Which Running Impacts Your Body

1. Running helps shed fat while boosting your metabolism.

Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can help you burn calories and aid in your weight loss journey in an effective and sustainable way.

If you’re an average runner, you can easily shed about 62 calories per kilometre, helping you get into shape and lose excess fat. And if you are already happy with your current weight, running can help you maintain your fitness and improve your stamina.

Aside from burning fat, running also promotes better metabolism. Your body becomes more adept at breaking down the food you eat, allowing good nutrients to be absorbed effectively.

2. Running is a free workout.

One of the reasons why many people often get discouraged from being more physically active is the cost involved. Depending on which activity you’re doing, you may need to invest in equipment or pay for monthly or yearly gym memberships or training sessions. There is often special clothing, shows or more accessories involved in many other fitness activities. For some, these expenses are not worth it.

For many people, running is an excellent exercise because it’s practically free. The possible costs you will incur are minimal because most of the things you need are already at your disposal.

All you have to do is lace up your shoes and go out and run around your neighbourhood or in your local park. You can do laps if you have limited space and even engage in stationary running right outside your door and all of these you can do for free.

3. Running is great for your bones and joints.

Two runners listening to music
Running helps improve bone density and reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis.

When it comes to strengthening your bones, you’d typically think of weight training or resistance training. But, running is also an endurance-building exercise that can be highly beneficial for improving your strength.

Running is a high-impact and weight-bearing exercise that is known to improve bone density and bone health and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Additionally, regular running can help with new bone tissue formation, which can help your bones become stronger. And as running also involves the use of connected muscles, it can be very effective in strengthening your joints.

4. Running can boost your mental health.

Like most exercises, running can also help you release stress and help deal with depression and anxiety.

We’ve all heard about the ‘runner’s high.’ A runner’s high is when the feel-good hormones or endorphins are released and this flood of endorphins causes the runner to experience a euphoric state.

Apart from this, running not only keeps you fit but also helps reduce stress hormones like cortisol and allows you to clear your head. Over the years, extensive research has demonstrated a positive relationship between running and improved mental health.

5. Running is good for your heart.

Running is a cardiovascular activity that can help with oxygen distribution and improve blood circulation while significantly reducing your risk of heart disease.

Running is also effective at lowering your cholesterol levels and regulating your blood pressure. When you incorporate running into your fitness routine, you are helping your body and your immune system become stronger.

As running also helps maintain your weight, which is a major factor that impacts heart health, it can contribute to lowering your blood pressure.

6. Running can improve your social life.

Group of runners on a bridge
With a strong community, you'll be inspired to lace up and meet your running goals.

While many would consider running as their ‘me time’ and a chance for some solitude, many others also feel like this physical activity can help expand their social circle and make friends.

Having a running buddy can make this strenuous exercise much more fun and engaging while also being a form of motivation for you. It also presents a great opportunity to expand your relationships and become part of a community. Having a running buddy or a running group can also inspire you to reach your goals together.

You can also learn from other runners and adopt their best practices to improve your running.

Tips for New Runners

If you’re new to running and are just embarking upon your running journey, it’s best to cover the basics first. Enjoy the experience and gradually improve your running habits to achieve your goal.

Here are some tried and tested tips for new runners:

  • Invest in the right kind of shoes. Most athletic sportswear stores provide a free evaluation of the right running shoes for you. Grab this opportunity to learn whether your running shoes can support you.
  • Instead of jumping headfirst into running non-stop, opt for a combination of running and walking to help improve your strength. Don’t feel disheartened if your strides are slower; improve your endurance gradually.
  • Be disciplined and consistent. Don’t let a rest day turn into a week without running. Alternate your runs with daily walks to improve your time on your feet and gradually prepare your body for long runs.
  • Running should be combined with other exercises for better results. You can alternate outdoor running with indoor activities like using the treadmill or other strength-training exercises.
  • Don’t be too pressured on the distance or your pace. Just go and run.
  • Eat right and get adequate sleep. An overall improved lifestyle can boost the benefits of running.

Wrapping Up

It’s never too late to get your feet hitting the pavement and boost your health through running. This simple exercise offers endless benefits that will make you better equipped both physically and mentally to deal with life’s stresses.

If you’re not a fan of getting outdoors for a run, you can also get your daily run in the comforts of your home on a treadmill.

Make sure you take a look at Powertrain’s wide range of treadmills and bikes to start your journey toward a healthier and happier you!

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