Powertrain V20 vs V25: Which Compact Treadmill Should I Get?

Written by Powertrain Sports,  3rd September 2022 | Updated: 13th September 2022
V20 vs V25 Treadmill Header
Want a simple, no-frills treadmill for your home gym? Our V20 and V25 machines are your best bet.

Many people prefer compact treadmills for their home gym because they are easy to move and store. Compact, entry-level treadmills are often affordable, easy-to-use, beginner-friendly and foldable — making them a great option for beginners and cardio buffs.

If you’re looking for a compact treadmill for your living room or garage, the Powertrain V20 and V25 treadmills offer a great bang for your buck. These machines are indoor-friendly and quite convenient, plus they come with extra features to make your daily cardio routine more engaging.

Whether they’re used for a daily indoor walk or jog, these treadmills make for great entry-level cardio machines, especially for beginners!

Their difference? Let’s find out!

Running Deck & Weight Capacity

V20 vs V25 Running Deck & Weight Capacity

The running area for both the Powertrain V20 and V25 is 350mm x 1000m, while the maximum user weight capacity on the other hand is at 90kgs.

So from here, we can see that these two treadmills are more or less the same. What makes them even better is that they’re both pretty mobile, considering that they’re foldable too!


V20 vs V25 Treadmill Speed

As for its speed range, both treadmills run from 1.0 to 10.0 kilometres per hour. Both machines make for great walking and jogging treadmills — beginner-friendly indeed!


Since these two treadmills are quite compact and affordable, they give you your money’s worth when it comes to inclination as well.

The V20 and V25 have all the essentials a basic treadmill needs and on top of that, they both have a natural incline that simulates walking on actual terrain. While there are no incline settings, the slight incline on both treadmills ensures that your lower body muscles will stay active and engaged.

Console & Display

V20 vs V25 Treadmill Console

Interface-wise, this is where the two treadmills somewhat differ. The V20 and V25 both have LED screens to help track your progress as you run. But when it comes to dedicated buttons for speed and media controls, the V25 is the better option. It has volume up and down buttons, as well as a play/pause button so you can control your cardio playlist as you walk. Plus, the built-in USB and AUX ports allow you to play music from a variety of sources.

Don’t need a built-in music player? The V20 costs $80 less and comes with simple speed controls for a no-frills workout.

When it comes to progress tracking, both treadmills help you track your time, speed, distance, pulse and calories burned on their respective displays and are pretty easy to navigate.

So yes, these treadmills are definitely two peas in a pod …but here’s a summary table to help you out:

Powertrain V20 vs Powertrain V25: Summary

V20 vs V25 Treadmill Comparison
V20 V25
Price: $499 Price: $579
12 preset programs 12 preset programs
Speed Range: 1 to 10 kph Speed Range: 1 to 10 kph
Blue Light LED Blue Light LED
MP3 input and speaker USB & MP3 input, media controls
Tablet Holder Beverage & Tablet Holders

From the looks of it, V25 sure seems like it has an edge, but it also costs a little than the V20.

Hence, it really boils down to preference! So if you want a compact treadmill with media controls go for the V25. But if you just really want a simple and affordable treadmill for your daily cardio, the V20 won’t let you down.

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