Why Morning Workouts Are the Way to Go

Written by Powertrain Sports,  3rd June 2022
Why morning workouts are the way to go
Discover the many perks of working out in the morning.

When do you usually work out?

While most of us hit the gym whenever it’s convenient, there are also a lot of benefits to scheduling your workouts. Exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day and get those endorphins flowing. But why exactly should you get up early for physical activity?

4 benefits of working out in the morning

Boosts your energy

Working out helps your brain release endorphins that trigger positive sensations in the body. Exercise also helps to reduce fatigue and boost your energy levels. By exercising in the morning, you can start the day on a positive note — plus you’ll feel more energetic throughout the afternoon.

Helps you focus

Mornings are often quieter, with fewer people in the gym or along running routes.This means you can focus more on your workout without being distracted by others. Physical activity also helps improve concentration, so you may find it easier to focus throughout the day if you worked out in the morning.

Aids in weight loss

Early morning workouts can kickstart the fat burning process and help you burn more calories throughout the day. Plus, if you start the day with exercise, you’re more likely to do it consistently. Even if you’re tired after work, you’ll already have finished your workout for the day.

Leads to better sleep

Morning workouts aid in the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you sleep. A study by Vascular Health and Risk Management also showed that adults got better sleep when they worked out at 7 a.m. Plus, knowing that you have to work out in the early morning encourages you to sleep earlier — increasing your chances of getting high-quality zzz’s.

Benefits of morning workouts
There are plenty of benefits to exercising early.

Morning workout tips

Working out by itself can already be challenging, but doing it in the morning is another thing entirely. Here are some tips that to help you stick to a morning workout schedule.

Set a consistent wake-up time.

You can’t exercise in the morning if you don’t get up early. That’s why you should stick to a wake-up time that’s feasible for you. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button, set an alarm like you normally would and put your phone or alarm away from you. This way, you have no choice but to get up when you have to switch it off.

Condition yourself to work out early.

It’s important to have your mind set on working out in the morning so that you don’t stray away from it when you wake up. This prepares you mentally so that you can follow through with your workout. Some people even sleep in gym wear so they just have to put on their shoes in the morning. While you don’t need to bid pyjamas goodbye, you should make your pre-workout routine as easy as possible.

A woman using battle ropes in the gym early in the morning
Conditioning your mind to working out early will help you meet your fitness goals.

Make yourself accountable for the workout.

Sometimes you can get lazy when no one is watching — so it wouldn’t hurt to have external accountability. This can be a workout buddy or a gym subscription that reminds and pushes you to exercise in the morning. This will help you keep yourself on track when it comes to morning workouts.

Prepare your workout essentials the night before.

Doing this serves as a visual reminder for you to exercise in the morning, plus it’s a lot harder to push back your workout when your equipment is already in front of you.

5 morning workouts to get you started

Indeed, there’s a lot more to morning workouts than meets the eye. With that, here are some workouts you can do to get your morning workout journey started!

Stretch out and relax your muscles using this morning yoga full-body stretch.

This 10-minute workout helps you kickstart your day with a full-body routine and light stretching.

Wake up your muscles by doing this standing morning workout by MonikaFit. No need to use any equipment and it’s also just 10 minutes so it won’t eat up much of your time.

This morning yoga flow workout is great for those who just got out of bed. It includes several stretches that not only strengthen your body but also give you a boost of energy that can help you get through the day.

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