Basic Treadmill Care & Maintenance Guide

Written by Powertrain Sports,  8th June 2022 | Updated: 16th June 2022
Basic treadmill care and maintenance
Like any other piece of home gym equipment, treadmills also require maintenance and care. Learn how to keep your cardio machine in good working condition!

Treadmills are one of the most popular gym machines out there. After all, you just have to turn them on, set the speed to your liking and you can start exercising.

However, not many people realise that treadmills, just like all other home gym equipment, require some TLC to keep them looking and working perfectly.

As one of the most popular cardio machines, treadmills are becoming more and more common in home gyms. If you own one, it’s important to know how to care for it so you can keep reaping the benefits of a convenient home workout.

How to maintain and care for your home treadmill

Maintaining and caring for your treadmill goes a long way in helping it function well. It helps keep the machine from breaking down and keeps it safe and hygienic for all users. Here’s quick care and maintenance checklist you can follow:

After each use

Turn off your treadmill after each workout.

It’s a given to always turn off something when you’re not using it, and the same goes for your treadmill. This helps avoid preventable accidents and wasted electricity. It also gives the treadmill motor a chance to rest and prevents it from overheating.

Wipe down your treadmill with disinfectant spray after each use.

Sweat is something that you can’t avoid when working out on a treadmill, but you should wipe it away after every workout. This helps prevent rust and corrosion over time.

Wiping down a treadmill
It's important to wipe down your treadmill after every workout.

Overall maintenance

Lubricate your treadmill belt to keep other treadmill components from getting damaged.

Some treadmills are self-lubricating, but most require occasional lubrication to keep the belt running smoothly. Check the user manual for instructions on how and when to lubricate your treadmill.

Generally, it’s advised to lubricate your treadmill once every three months using one ounce of silicone oil lubricant per application. Over-lubrication can cause a lot of issues so make sure to apply only the appropriate amount.

Do a general clean of your treadmill to help you avoid any dirt that can cause it to malfunction.

There are different ways to clean your treadmill but oftentimes, the easiest and most practical thing to do would be to vacuum your machine. This will account for both the dust and debris that may come from your shoes when walking and running on the belt.

Monitor your treadmill belt to keep you from slipping and getting injured.

Make sure to align the belt, maintain its tension or replace it when needed to avoid any preventable injuries.

  • There are instances when the belt starts to slip from its straight-down path. If this happens, you will have to adjust the bolts on each side of the rear of the machine so you can realign it.
  • Sometimes the belt tension can become tight or loose. Make sure to check it by forcefully stomping your foot down and forward on the treadmill while it’s turned on (at a low speed). If the belt slips, it means you have to tighten the belt.
  • All treadmill belts eventually wear out so it’s important to observe your belt for wear and tear every three months. If you see that it’s worn out and rough, you should replace it with a new one already. Treadmill belt replacements are available online but you may need the help of a technician to install one.
A treadmill belt in operation
Observe your belt for wear and tear every three months.

How often should I do treadmill maintenance?

Now that you know how to maintain your treadmill, the next step would be to learn when and how often you should do it.

A high-quality treadmill can last for as long as 10 years. However, for this to actually happen you have to take care of it properly. On a regular basis, it is encouraged to perform a maintenance check on your treadmill every three months or every 200 kilometres. This is to ensure that the machine stays in good working condition despite its many moving parts.

Wiping down the treadmill after each use is also something you should make a habit of! This keeps the machine free from sweat and helps prevent rust from forming.

When in doubt, you can always check the treadmill user’s manual – you don’t even have to look that far!

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