Yoga Mats

Buy non-slip yoga mats online in Australia

On the lookout for a high-quality yoga mat? With so many options out there, finding the best yoga mat for your practice can bring more stress than zen. At Powertrain Australia, we’ve made it easy to choose a high-quality mat from our extensive curation. Our yoga and exercise mats are non-slip, eco-friendly and durable - so they’re as good for the Earth as they are good for you.

Which Powertrain yoga mat should I choose?

Our yoga mats come in three types: 6mm TPE, 8mm TPE and cork, each with its own benefits:

6mm TPE yoga mat

Our 6mm yoga mat provides a good balance between cushioning and stability. It offers ample support for your joints but also helps you stay firmly rooted to the ground during standing postures. This is a great standard mat for beginners and regular yoga or pilates practitioners.

8mm TPE yoga mat

If you do plenty of lying postures or practise on very hard surfaces, you might want to consider a thicker mat. Our 8mm mat is made with the same eco-friendly materials as our 6mm mat but will provide more comfort for your joints and back.

6mm cork yoga mat

Sweat a lot during practice? Our cork yoga mats offer extra-strong grip to prevent you from slipping and sliding as you flow through the poses. They also come in 3 styles, including one with a body alignment guide perfect for those new to yoga.

Yoga mats you can bring anywhere in Australia… and beyond

With a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a yoga mat you’ll love here at Powertrain Sports. All of our mats come with a bonus carry strap for portability, so you can practise at home, outdoors, in the gym or even while travelling. Our mats are stored and dispatched right here in Australia, so you can buy a yoga mat online today and start a new healthy habit in no time!