9 Best Gym Equipment for Core-Focused Workouts

Written by Powertrain Sports,  3rd March 2023
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If you're looking to strengthen and tone your core, nothing is more effective than using the right equipment. While there are a number of equipment and bodyweight exercises that target your abdominal muscles, if you're really focused on working your core, there are a few pieces of equipment that stand out above the rest.

9 Best Gym Equipment to Improve Your Core

Stationary Bikes

Powertrain stationary bikes

Perfect for all fitness levels, a stationary bike is an ideal tool for working out your core. This low-impact exercise is excellent for stabilising, strengthening and toning your abs without overexerting yourself. With features like adjustable resistance settings and a digital monitor, a stationary bike also allows you to keep track of your progress while working out at a level that suits you.

Rowing Machines

Powertrain rowing machines

Rowing machines are a great way to get in an intense core workout that targets your ab and back strength without tiring easily. Since rowing provides gains on your abdominal muscles, you'll also be feeling activation in your arms and legs too. If you're looking for an engaging approach to your core strengthening routine, rowing machines are the way to go!


Powertrain treadmill

Treadmills aren't just a great tool for cardio workouts, it also gives tremendous gains in core strength. With the right posture, your core is actively engaged by running while keeping your trunk and pelvis stabilized in an upright position. As your run becomes more intense these muscles will work harder as you run at an incline.

Yoga Mat

Powertrain yoga mat in pink and green

Not all core-focused exercises require heavy machinery. Providing great comfort and support, a yoga mat can also be a convenient choice to get a good core workout in. Yoga mats are great for various exercises specifically aimed at core strengthening, such as crunches, bridges, planks and sit-ups.

Balance Balls/Discs

Powertrain balance disc

Balance balls and discs are some of the most effective and affordable core workout tools. Exercising on a balance ball or disc can help strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility and stability. Both balance balls and balance discs can be incorporated into a variety of workouts, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and rehabilitation exercises.

Pull-Up Bars

Powertrain pull-up bar

Pull-up bars are very effective in core-focused workouts. Targeting your upper body muscles, they’re great for strengthening your back, arms, abs and chest. From traditional pull-ups and chin-ups to hanging leg raises, any pull-up bar exercise builds up your abdominal muscles.


Powertrain elliptical for core strength

Providing a convenient core-focused workout, ellipticals are perfect for working out your midsection while also challenging your core stability muscles. Not only that, but an elliptical also makes for a great aerobic workout and increases muscle recruitment in your back and abs.

Decline Benches

Powertrain decline bench

From sit-ups and crunches to leg raises and hyperextension, there are a lot of workouts you can do with a decline bench. Providing additional resistance to regular core-focused exercises, the angled surface of a decline bench effectively works the muscles more deeply and efficiently.

Cable Machine

Powertrain home gyms for core workouts

Cable machines are very versatile pieces of equipment that allow for a full range of motion and resistance to various parts of the body. Mainly targeting your abs when it comes to core-focused exercises, the cable machine provides a wide variety of cable ab exercises you can add to your routine. If you're looking for a break from free-weight workouts and crunches, the cable machine is a great tool to utilise.


With everything said, improving your core is a vital component everyone should incorporate into their fitness routine, and finding the appropriate gym equipment that can effectively support your core-centric workout regimen is key. So make sure to investigate a few of the options available, and make sure they'll be suitable for your current needs as well as your future fitness goals.

If you're looking to build your core at your home gym, you can shop all your core workout equipment needs at Powertrain today!

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