Powertrain Magnetic flywheel rowing machine

Powertrain Magnetic flywheel rowing machine

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Looking for the best exercise equipment for your home gym? Look no further than Powertrain's rowing machine!

Comfortable and easy to use, this rower is ideal for fitness seekers who need a low-impact alternative to popular cardio workouts. It lets you work your upper and lower body in unison, all while minimising the pressure on your joints.

The contoured high-density seat moves silently on the commercial glide rail, giving you a professional gym experience right in your own home. The rowing machine's pull beam is also padded with foam for better grip.

Unlike other rowing machines, this Powertrain model lets you pull the cable not just backwards but upwards as well. This means you can use the unit for standing arm exercises such as bicep curls for isolated strength workouts. The resistance dial also ensures that you'll find a tension level suited to your fitness ability.

The rowing machine's foot pads have adjustable straps to prevent your feet from slipping during use. Each rower also comes with a free water bottle that fits perfectly on built-in beverage holder.

Being a high-intensity cardio workout, rowing lets you burn calories and strengthen your muscles all in one session - making it an efficient way to achieve your fitness goals. And with this Powertrain machine's LCD monitor, it's easier than ever to track your progress and performance. You can even use the on-board computer to set different goals per workout, such as a time duration, number of strokes, or calories burned.

Say yes to a healthier and fitter you. Order your Powertrain flywheel rowing machine today!


  • Genuine magnetic flywheel
  • Variable resistance
  • Commercial glide rail
  • Molded seat


  • Brand:   Powertrain
  • Size:   200 x 61cm
  • Max Weight Cap:   150kg
  • Unit Weight:   35kg


  • 1 x Powertrain magnetic flywheel rower
  • 1 x Instructions Manual
product code: rom-qim-r23-sl
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