Pilates Equipment

Start a pilates routine at home with Powertrain equipment

Pilates is a movement system designed to improve your alignment, mobility, balance and flexibility. Like yoga, it is a low-impact exercise with plenty of benefits for your overall health and wellness. However, pilates movements place a stronger emphasis on control and can be more intense than some yoga workouts.

What pilates equipment do I need?

If you’ve ever attended a pilates class, you may have tried the reformer machine - a piece of equipment with a sliding platform where you perform various exercises. However, you don’t need a reformer to do pilates at home.

Accessories such as Magic Circle pilates rings and balls let you reap the mobility-boosting benefits of pilates without having to buy bulky or expensive equipment. These accessories are also used in mat-based pilates classes, meaning that you’re just as likely to see them in a studio or group setting. And there are plenty of online workout videos you can follow along to!

A full-body workout with Magic Circle pilates rings

Want to boost your pilates mat exercises? Level up your routine with a pilates ring (also known as a magic circle). With its soft frame, this prop can be used for a variety of upper and lower body exercises. From side presses and halos to leg raises and more, the pilates ring is sure to make your daily workouts more engaging!

Balance balls for a stronger core

If you want to improve your stability and strengthen your core, it’s a great idea to pick up a stability disc or balance ball. They add an extra challenge to any bodyweight exercise and can also be used as a cushion to improve your sitting posture. They’re also lightweight, making them ideal for travelling and outdoor exercising.

Looking for pilates equipment in Australia? Powertrain Sports has you covered! Our pilates rings and balance trainers will perfectly complement your mat pilates practice. Browse our range today and take the first step to a fitter and stronger you!